Some of the great things to do in Daylesford and Hepburn Springs. Just simply walk along the main street and discover some of the many special shops and business it has to offer.

So when you are staying at Hepburn Spa Pavilions next remember this Amazing Nursery ” The Secret Garden ” right in the main street.

Amazing places to discover Hepburn Springs

Explore the Secret Garden

The “Secret Garden Nursery “  Daylesford an amazing place to explore. Wonder thru the Nursery discovering interesting plants and wonderful items for the garden. I particularly like the the stone and iron Geese.

Hepburn Springs places to Visit

Great items for your Garden

Explore “The Paris End” Of Daylesford

Stay at Hepburn Spa Pavilions for a couple of extra days so you can enjoy all that Daylesford and Hepburn Springs has to offer.

Keep walking up the main street to what has been called “The Paris End” of Daylesford. Discover great food at the newly opened French Bistro ” Bistro Terroir “  and “The French Brocante” store full of wonderful french home wares.

Places to discover in Hepburn springs and Daylesford

Great place to discover “The French Brocante” Store in Daylesford